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Motörhead - Bad Magic (2015)

2 years have passed since Motörhead released "Aftershock", which can only mean one thing, that Lemmy, Phil, and Mikkey are once again ready to release new material. Motörhead has always been that big constant in the metal world, never cared about going with the trend or changing anything significantly over the music. Frankly, the only thing that has changed for the band in recent years is Lemmy's health problems, which has forced him to cancel some shows and replacing the Jack Daniels bottle with vodka (because of the diabetes). But as long as Lemmy is still alive, you know that they will keep on chugging out these albums every other year.

So yeah, the 22nd Motörhead album "Bad Magic" is just like its predecessors, no surprises what so ever. But that is how we want it to be, we want some meaty Motörhead groove, not some new age shit. The main reason to why the band is still doing so good amongst the competition is because there is no band like Motörhead, and there certainly is no other like Lemmy. Those two factors makes Motörhead an incredible force that never seem to run out of steam, they just keep on trucking.

The tunes are all very recognizable, but still holds a good enough standard for ones head to twitch and turn into madness. Even if Lemmy does not sound as good as he used to, he still manages to deliver some power in his voice, but also in his bass playing. And the help he is getting from Phil Campbell and Mikkey Dee is crucial for the album to hold up to its full potential. They both put on quite a performance, spitting out great groovy riffs and fast pounding beats that just screams Motörhead about as loud as their concerts.

The opening of the album is the strongest part, starting with the highly encouraging "Victory Or Die", which shows that classic Lemmy wit that we all know and love ("They are all heroes, but they don't know what they are fighting for/That's the spirit, victory or die"). "Thunder & Lightning" will also be highly appreciated since it fills in as this album's "Ace of Spades"/"Overkill" copy, showing once again that Phil can pull off some great solos. Further down the stretch, "Evil Eye" impress me with its tenacity and wicked attitude, making it an instant stand out, and the same can be said to "Teach Them How To Bleed" and "Tell Me Who To Kill" (wish I could Lemmy, but there are just too many bastards in this world).

The band does actually manage to surprise me with "Till The End", a full fledged ballad. If it is a closing serenade for all of the fans, telling them that this is the end, thank you for all of the 40 years. I really do not buy that rumour, mostly because I believe the band will keep on going until Lemmy gets killed by death himself. Sure, "Bad Magic" could be the last Motörhead album ever, but I am sure that the band got at least another 2 year in them. Only the future will tell I guess.

No matter if "Bad Magic" is the last Motörhead album or not, I am just glad that they keep delivering the goods in the rate that they have been going on. Sure, the band has not blown me away in what seems like an eternity, but they must be doing something right since they have been at it for 40 years and released 22 albums along the way. The riffs still rocks, the groove is still groovy, and the passion is as strong as ever, which is all I ever need in a album to enjoy listening through it. So another job well done guys, let us now hope that father time does not catch up to Mr Kilmister just yet, we would certainly like to enjoy some more music from this rock 'n' roll legend.

Songs worthy of recognition: Thunder & Lightning, Victory Or Die, Evil Eye

Rating: 7/10 Fire Storm Hotels

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